Lootly allows for a variety of ways for customers to redeem their points for a discount off their next purchase. One of those methods is called 'Free Shipping', which allows the customer to redeem points for a coupon code to save on Shipping. 

How to setup a Free Shipping reward

Within the Lootly menu, click on Points > Spending > Add Reward, then click Add Reward next to Free Shipping. 

While the free shipping reward is similar to other rewards, it contains unique fields which are defined below: 

  • Maximum shipping amount discount - This value is how much the coupon is worth, for example if you enter "10", then the coupon will be for "$10 off Shipping". 
  •  Minimum order amount - This value defines if the customer needs to make a purchase with a minimum order amount before this coupon can be used. For example, if you enter "50", then the coupon can only be used when the subtotal is at least $50. 

Note:  Free Shipping coupons cannot be restricted to a particular shipping rate (ie: Express / Priority, etc) or be used a % discount. 

Free Shipping Tips

  • Customers naturally expect a free shipping reward to cover the entire amount, in which case you can set the maximum shipping amount discount to a value to cover to highest rate available at your store. 
  • Free Shipping coupons typically cost more points then a traditional $ or % off discount because of the above reason. 
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