Lootly makes it easy to start offering points & rewards to your customers for interacting with your store. While there are many features in Lootly, at the core there are 4 essential steps that need to be followed to ensure success. 

Step 1:  Create a variety of ways customers can earn points 

Some of the best loyalty programs on the market utilize multiple ways for customers to earn points. This allows you to deeply engage with your customers across your store, social media and your blog. 

Here are the most popular earning actions: 

  • Make a purchase

  • Create an account (welcoming the customer to your store) 

  • Celebrate a birthday

  • Like or Share on Social Media

  • Write a Review (awards points for a company or product review via TrustSpot)

To get started creating earning actions, click on "Points" within your Lootly Account, then select "Earning" from the left menu. 

Point Tip: 

  • The number of points customers earn for each action is very important, because offering too little will result in customers being frustrated, while too many could become cumbersome to manage. For that reason we recommend the following: 

  • Create an Account:  250 points

  • Celebrate a Birthday: 200 points

  • Make a Purchase: 1 point per $1 spent

  • Follow / Like on Social Media: 50 points

  • Share on Social Media: 100 points

  • Write a Review: 300 points (writing a review takes significant effort from the customer, so you'll need to ensure they are properly incentivized to do so)

  • Read Content: 50 points

Step 2:  Create multiple ways for customers to redeem points 

Similar to creating a variety of ways for customers to earn points, it's also great to create a variety of ways customers can redeem their points. You want customers to be excited about participating in your loyalty program, because it creates a bond between the user and your brand. 

Here are the most popular spending rewards: 

  • Fixed discount ($ off coupon)

  • Percentage discount (% off coupon)

  • Free Shipping

  • Free Product

To get started creating earning actions, click on "Points" within your Lootly Account, then select "Spending" from the left menu. 

Reward Tips: 

  • We recommend to create rewards with different amounts, starting at a low amount such as $5 or 10% off, and gradually increase so customers can feel they are constantly working towards the next big thing. 

  • When creating a reward, you will need to determine the value that 1 point is worth. Traditionally, stores will say:   100 points = $1 , and for that reason our recommendation is the following: 

  • $5 off coupon = 500 points

  • $10 off coupon = 1,000 points

  • $20 off coupon = 2,000 points

Step 3:  Customize how your program looks on your website 

Now that you've created some great new ways for customers to earn points with your store, and redeem those points for exciting discounts, the next step is to customize how the design will look on your store. 

We recommend for you to pick a color that best matches your branding. 

To get started customizing your Lootly Widget, visit the following sections of your account: 

  • Display > Widget > Tab - customize the design of how the Rewards Tab looks on the bottom of your website. 

  • Display > Widget > Widget - customize all text associated with your Widget

  • Display > Widget > Branding - customize all colors (image above) for your Widget

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