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Learn how to customize all colors & fonts with your Widget

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Lootly provides an easy way to customize all design related items with your on-site Widget. The Lootly Widget is where users can learn about your amazing program, and where customers can see their point balance. 

Note:  Some features on this page require a paid plan to Lootly. 

Design Customization

When customizing the colors and fonts associated with your Widget, we recommend to select a combination that is already utilized on your website today. This helps to ensure there is a brand consistency among items showing on your website. 

You can customize the Widget by going to: Display > Widget > Branding

This screen has two main areas: 

  • Brand Color Settings

  • Live Preview

As you change the colors & settings on the left, the preview will update in real time. From here you can customize the following items: 

  • Primary & Secondary Color

  • Header Background Color

  • Button Color

  • Link Color

  • Tab Color

  • Associated Text Colors

You can also change the font in the bottom area. If you need a font not shown, please contact our support team and they can help add it for you. 

Widget Branding

Lootly also gives you the ability to remove the "Lootly" branding at the bottom of the Widget, in addition to other public facing areas. 

This feature requires the Pro Plan at Lootly. If you're already on the Pro Plan and you wish to remove the branding, click the checkbox under "Widget Branding", then click Save. 

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