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When a customer receives an email from Lootly, the "From Email" will be from a specific email address. 

Depending on your plan access, you can update the "From Email" to a custom domain of your choosing. This article helps you to get this setup. 

Note:  Adding DNS records requires knowledge of how to manage your domain, if you're not comfortable setting this up please ask your technical team. 

Watch a video tutorial 👇

Customize Email Settings

To get started, you will need to click into: 

Within this page, you can edit the following items depending on plan access:

  • Email from Name - this will appear at the top of all emails customers receive. 

  • Reply to Email - if a customer clicks "reply" on any of your emails, their message will be delivered to this email. 

  • Logo - add your company logo to ensure a consistent branding experience

  • Remove Lootly logo - you can remove the Lootly logo from the bottom of the email footer by selecting this checkbox. 

  • Custom Domain - this allows you to set a custom from email address. 

Setup Custom Domain

To get started, enter in the "From Email" you would like to use within the text field under Custom Domain. 

Note: Please make sure the "from email" is an existing email address you're already using.

If you enter here a non-existing email address, it won't work and you'll be receiving errors.

Next, click on the "Setup" button.

Lootly will generate a set of DNS records that need to be added to your domain's DNS in order for emails to begin sending with your From Email. 

Lootly provides the following credentials: 

  • DKIM Hostname

  • DKIM Type

  • DKIM Value

  • Return-Path Hostname

  • Return-Path Type

  • Return-Path Value 

Once your generated values are added to your domain's DNS, may take up to 24 hours for the updates to propagate.

Once propagation is completed, all emails will begin sending from your "From Email" as defined above. 

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