At Lootly, we make it incredibly easy to connect your existing platform into Lootly, in order to setup custom point, rewards, and vip programs. 

Note:  API Access begins on our Enterprise plan. Click here to view pricing. 

Types of APIs supported

Our API documentation is quite extensive, as we wanted to make Lootly open for everybody to use regardless of the platform or special use cases. 

Here is a brief overview of the some of the APIs we support today. To see the full list, in addition to code samples please ask your account manager or our support team directly. 

Store Endpoints

  • GET customers
  • GET products
  • GET customer searches
  • GET price-rules
  • POST price & discount-codes

Integration Webhooks

  • Order status (processing, paid, fulfilled, completed and cancelled) 
  • Refund create
  • Customer Create
  • App Installed & Key Verification 

Customer Webhooks

  • Get point-balance (single) 
  • Get point-balance (multiple) 
  • Add Points
  • Subtract Points
  • Update Customer  (supports:  birthday, vip tier, point balance) 

Scenario Examples to utilize Lootly's API 

Scenario 1:  Custom eCommerce Platform or unsupported today

If you're using an eCommerce platform not currently supported by Lootly, you will be able to use our APIs to push & pull data as needed. You will need to utilize a few basic concepts for the API to function: 

  • Push all order data to Lootly as statuses update (paid, refunded, etc). As this allows us to better regulate point allocation
  • Customer Create, when new customers are created in your system, they are automatically created in Lootly. This allows them to see their point balance and other reward information. 
  • Get point balance - If you want to show the point balance of your customer's within their actual account on your store, and not only within the Widget. This API allows you to pull the point balance for both individual customers and multiple customers. 

Scenario 2:  Subscription eCommerce

Many of our clients today utilize their website to have subscriptions. Lootly makes it easy to incentivize customers to start new subscriptions at your store, versus just buying outright. 

For example:  You can provide 100 points to a customer if they decide to subscribe for 3 months, and 250 points if they subscribe for 1 year. 

In this example you would call the "POST points-add" API, and pass over the customerID and point value for those custom actions on your website. Lootly will apply the points in real-time once the API is called.

These are just many of the examples that explore the possibilities with Lootly.

Have a question about utilizing our API or need help? 

Feel free to contact our support team at any time, by clicking the Live Chat icon on the bottom right. 

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