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Disable email notifications
Disable email notifications
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When a customer completes an action with your loyalty program, such as earning points, redeeming for a reward or gaining access to a VIP program you can automatically notify them by email. 

This is helpful because it helps the user be aware of what is happening and encourages them to come back to your store. You can however disable these notifications on a per action basis. 

How to disable email notifications

For this example, let's say you want to disable sending notifications for a particular earning action, such as Make a Purchase. 

To get started click on:  Points > Earning > and select the action. 

Once you've opened up the edit screen, scroll down til you see the "Email Notification" area. 

Now, simply uncheck the box and click Save at the top. If a customer completes this action, they will no longer receive an email notifying them. 

Note:  If you're wanting to disable email notifications for Spending Rewards, Referrals or VIP Tiers, you would follow the same instructions as above for those sections. 

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