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How to import customers to your rewards program
How to import customers to your rewards program
Learn how to import a list of customers with their existing point balance in Lootly.
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When setting up your new loyalty & rewards program with Lootly, you may have a list of existing customers with past purchases that you would like to reward with points. We make it easy to import in a list of customers and assign them point values. 

Note:  Lootly automatically syncs new customer accounts from your store, which means the import is optional. 

How to import customers

Within your Lootly account click on the Customers menu. This page displays all of your customers whom exist within Lootly. 

To import customers click the "Import" button on the top right, which will show an overlay asking you to upload a CSV file with your customer's information. 

Your CSV import file must contain at least 3 columns: 

  • Customer Name

  • Email Address

  • # of Points 

You can download a sample template by clicking "sample template" in the overlay. Once the file is ready, select it from the overlay and click "Import Customers".

sample file import

Note: please make sure your file has the same column names as the sample file.

Also, make sure there are no empty fields in the file, as the import will not succeed.

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