VIP Programs are one of the best ways to offer exclusive perks & benefits to customers who are passionate and loyal to your brand. With Lootly, it only takes a few minutes to setup a VIP program. 

Step 1:  Decide how customers can earn VIP status - amount spent, or points earned. 

VIP programs are similar to leaderboard systems, in which customers constantly move up their tier depending on how much they've contributed. With Lootly, your customers can change their tier based on: 

  • Amount Spent - the amount of money they've spent with your store over a period of time.

  • Points Earned - how many points they've earned with your earning actions. 

Lootly also allows you to customize the "Earning Period" for either amount to count. The Earning period is optional. 

Example:   Your VIP program is set to Amount Spent , with a 1 year earning period. This means, the customer must maintain the required spend amount for their Tier to keep their benefits next year. 

To get started, click on VIP from your Lootly account, then click on Settings

Step 2:  Decide how many Tiers your VIP program has.

At the core of a VIP Program, is a set of Tiers with increasingly better perks & benefits that customers are working towards. It's important to structure your program in a way where it's not overwhelming for a customer to achieve. 

Tier Tips: 

  • We recommend to have 3 tiers, such as:  Bronze, Silver, Gold.

  • Never create more than 5 tiers, as this can be confusing to customers. 

  • Customize the naming of each tier to best match your branding

Step 3:  Customize tier requirements, perks & rewards.

Each tier in your VIP program should have increasingly better rewards, because it helps to encourage a customer to work harder to achieve top status at your store. 

To get started, click on VIP from your Lootly account, then click on Tiers. Once in Tiers, click "Add Tier" at the bottom. 

From the Add Tier screen, you can begin to customize all settings for a particular VIP Tier, such as: 

  • Tier Name  (choose a name that relates back to your brand, "Cat Points", etc)

  • Amount to Spend (or points earned) to qualify for this tier 

  • Benefits 

Lootly supports 4 types of Benefits for a VIP Tier: 

  • Point Multiplier - Award customers more points per $1 they spend on your store. 

  • Entry Rewards - these are 1-time use coupons awarded when a customer enters the VIP tier for the first time. 

  • Lifetime Rewards - these are unlimited use coupons awarded when a customers. 

  • Custom Rewards - these are rewards not offered by Lootly, but rather special rewards you give to customers manually such as: Free T-Shirt, or access to special events. 

Example of Tiers: 

a. Bronze Tier

  • 2 points per $1 spent

  • $5 off entry reward

b. Silver Tier

  • 3 points per $1 spent

  • $5 off entry reward

  • Free Shipping lifetime coupon for orders over $35

c. Gold Tier

  • 5 points per $1 spent

  • $15 off entry reward

  • Free shipping lifetime coupon for orders over $35

  • Early access to new sales

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