How to add a point earning action
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Lootly makes it easy to add new ways for your customers to interact with your store and earn points. 

This guide provides an overview on how to create these ways with Earning Actions. 

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1. Adding new actions

To get started, click on Points > Earning from your Lootly account. From here, click "Add Action" on the top right. 

Once you've clicked "Add Action", you will see a list of actions. Select the one you wish to add by clicking "Add Action" to the right. 

2. Customize action settings

Each earning action will have slightly different fields, since each action behaves differently. For this example, I'm creating a "Make a Purchase" earning action. 

If you would like customers to be notified via email once they earn points from this earning action click the checkbox "Yes, send an email notification". If not, leave this unchecked. 

Once you've filled in the required fields, click Save on the top right. Customers can immediately see the Earning Action within the On-Site Widget. 

3. Advanced Customization 

Lootly allows you to take advantage of advanced methods for targeting specific customers and the design of actions. Note:  Advanced options require a paid plan to Lootly. 

  • Design Customization

  • Notification Customization 

  • Earning Restrictions

  • Earning Limits

a. Design & Notification Customization

b. Earning Restrictions

c. Earning Limits

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