Lootly offers multiple ways for customers to interact with your brand including your website, social media, blogs and with reviews. 

Offering the ability to reward customers for engaging with your brand on social media, is a great way to start a deeper connection with your users. 

Social Media options

Lootly allows you to award points for: 

  • Like on Facebook

  • Share on Facebook

  • Instagram Follow

  • Twitter Follow

  • Twitter Share

Lootly will automatically award points to customers when they click on any of the options above, within the on-site widget 

Note:  Since Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter do not allow 3rd-party applications like Lootly to pull information about your followers on social media, it's impossible to know with 100% certainty that the customer followed through with the action. 

This means that customers when customers click "Like" or "Follow" from your Lootly widget, we are awarding points automatically at that point. 

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