How customer birthdays are rewarded
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Rewarding customers for celebrating their special day, is an excellent way to encourage customers to visit your store again and put those points towards something special. 

Birthday Basics

While the idea seems easy, we want to make it clear exactly how birthdays are rewarded. 

  • Customers can enter in their birthday from inside the Lootly Widget. They simply need to click "Enter Date", type in their birthday and their all set. 

  • Customers are rewarded once a year. 

  • Points are not awarded to customers if they enter their birthday that matches a date within 30 days to discourage potential fraud. In this case, they would be awarded points the following year. 

Choose the birthday date format

You can choose the birthday date format to be either DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY:

bday date format loyalty


  • If the customer entered in the wrong date, you can manually correct this from their profile within Lootly. 

  • If a customer complains about not receiving points because their date lands within the next 30 days upon entering, you can reward them points manually from their profile as well. 

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