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How earning limits work
How earning limits work
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Lootly provides an easy way to limit how many points a particular customer can achieve within a period of time. Some earning actions already have built in limits, that will be defined below. 

Note:  Earning limits require a paid plan to Lootly. 

What are earning limits for? 

Earning limits are helpful, if you're wanting to prevent customers from receiving too many points within a short period of time. By default, earning limits are disabled and must be enabled on a PER action basis. 

How to setup an earning limit

Within each earning action, if you scroll down to the bottom you will see a section called "Earning Limits", from here you can define the # of points and the period of time that this earning action should be limited. 

This means if a customer goes over the limit, they will not receive points until the timeframe is reset. 

One-Time earning actions

There are a few earning actions, which can only be used one-time (by default) by a customer to prevent abuse, such as: 

  • Create an Account

  • Facebook Like

  • Twitter Follow

  • Read Content

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