How to add a free shipping reward
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Lootly allows for a variety of ways for customers to redeem their points for a discount off their next purchase. One of those methods is called 'Free Shipping', which allows the customer to redeem points for a coupon code to save on Shipping. 

Before you add a free shipping reward: please note that the ecommerce platform has to be connected to Lootly before you can configure and save this type of reward.

How to setup a Free Shipping reward

Within the Lootly menu, click on Points > Spending > Add Reward, then click Add Reward next to Free Shipping. 

While the free shipping reward is similar to other rewards, it contains unique fields which are defined below: 

  • Maximum shipping amount discount - This value is how much the coupon is worth, for example if you enter "10", then the coupon will be for "$10 off Shipping". Please note that this functionality isn't available to Woocommerce users, as the functionality isn't supported by the e-commerce platform.

  •  Minimum order amount - This value defines if the customer needs to make a purchase with a minimum order amount before this coupon can be used. For example, if you enter "50", then the coupon can only be used when the subtotal is at least $50. 

  • Limit reward by country - the country restriction option for this type of reward, means that the free shipping coupon is only valid for customers shipping to a particular country ( for example: if the country restriction is set to USA and the customer is in Canada, the coupon code won't work) Please note that this feature is available only for Shopify and Bigcommerce users.

free shipping country specific limit

Note:  Free Shipping coupons cannot be restricted to a particular shipping rate (ie: Express / Priority, etc) or be used a % discount. 

Free Shipping Tips

  • Customers naturally expect a free shipping reward to cover the entire amount, in which case you can set the maximum shipping amount discount to a value to cover to highest rate available at your store. 

  • Free Shipping coupons typically cost more points then a traditional $ or % off discount because of the above reason. 

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