How to add a free product reward
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Lootly allows for a variety of ways for customers to redeem their points for a discount off their next purchase. We also offer the ability to reward customers with a free product from your store, with our free product discount. 

This guide walks you through setting up your first free product reward. 

How to setup a Free Product reward

Within the Lootly menu, click on Points > Spending > Add Reward, then click Add Reward next to Free Product. 

While the free product reward is similar to other rewards, it contains unique fields which are defined below: 

  • Select Product - begin typing in the name of the product and allow Lootly to find the product. Once the correct one displays click on it to select it for this reward. 

  • Reward value - this is an internal value, which helps you to understand the monetary value of this reward. 

Once you've selected the product, entered in the reward value, and the amount of points needed to redeem, click Save at the top right. 

How customers can redeem points for a free product reward

Within the Lootly widget on your site, the customer simply has to click "Redeem" next to the free product coupon. They will be shown the coupon and can then copy & paste it into their cart for the discount. 

  • Customers must have the product in their cart prior to applying the code, otherwise it won't provide the discount. 

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