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Can guests collect points?
Can guests collect points?
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While guest checkouts are a good way to reduce cart abandonment at checkout, they also hinder the ability to reward these customers for participating in your loyalty program. 

What happens to orders as a guest prior to creating an account?

By default, Lootly automatically tracks guest purchases and assigns them to a unique email address within your loyalty program. This means that once the user creates an account they will already have points ready to use for their past purchases. 

Note:  You can disable this feature by going to:  Integrations > Manage > Edit Settings (for your ecommerce cart), and uncheck the box "include previous purchases as guest", then click Save


  • If this feature is disabled, than customers will not be awarded any points for past purchases once they create an account on your store. 

  • You can always manually adjust points on a per customer basis by going to their customer profile within Lootly. 

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