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Manually adjusting a customer's point balance
Manually adjusting a customer's point balance
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Lootly makes it easy to automatically reward customers with points for completing earning actions on your store. However, there might be times where you need to award a customer points manually, such as performing a custom action. 

How to manually adjust a customer's point balance

To get started, you will need to click into the Customers menu item within your Lootly account. The customers page shows all customers who have interacted with your loyalty program. 

To access a customer's profile, simply click on a customer name from the list. 

You will now see the customer's profile. 

To manually adjust points, click "Adjust Points" from the top right. 

You will now be asked to enter in the following items: 

  • Point Amount - enter in a positive number (ex: 500) to give 500 points to the customer OR enter in a negative number (ex: -100) to remove 100 points from the customer. 

  • Reason for adjustment - this allows you to provide an optional message to the customer for the adjustment. 

Note: Manual (admin) actions do not trigger an email notification to be sent over to customers.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the chat.

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