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Learn how to connect Lootly to your Magento 2 store

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This guide will help you to connect your Magento 2 store to Lootly. Lootly is an official Magento Technology Partner. 

If you get stuck at any point, feel free to jump on Live Chat and one of our team members will provide guidance in getting the code installed. You can also email us at:

This install guide is broken down into several areas:

  • Installing the Lootly extension

  • Connecting your extension to Lootly

Step 1: Install Lootly Extension

Step 1: You need the latest version of the Magento plugin - you can get this from Adobe's Commerce Marketplace

Step 2: Click the Add to Cart button. This will download the latest Magento 2.x extension to your computer. Extract the contents of the zip file into a folder (example: lootly-magento2).

Step 3: Using your favorite FTP program (such as Filezilla, cuteFtp, etc), upload the zip file contents into the Magento/app folder. Be sure you have proper permissions when uploading the files to ensure everything is copied over correctly.

Step 4: SSH onto your server. Navigate to your /magento folder and run the following command to run the update:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

(OPTIONAL) If the upgrade process tells you to recompile, you can do so by running this command: php bin/magento setup:di:compile

Once this step is done, the installation is complete. 

Step 2: Configure your credentials & settings

After install, you should now see the Lootly Settings area on your left menu within the configuration area. To access this area, you will need to do the following:

  • Click Stores

  • Click Configure

  • Select Default Store View from the drop-down list

  • Click on Configuration

Next click on "Settings" underneath Lootly on the left side menu.

Once inside the Lootly settings screen, you will need to enter in 3 pieces of information: 

  • Account Email - this is the email you used to create your Lootly account

  • API Key

  • API Secret

You can find your API Key & API Secret, by following the steps within your Lootly account. 

  • Click your company name on the top right 

  • Click Account Settings

  • Scroll down to the bottom, to find the API Keys section. 

Now, copy & paste each API item into your Magento 2 extension text fields. After you're done click on "Verify Settings & Integrate". 

  • If successful, you should see a green message "Lootly successfully connected App installed!". 

  • If there is an error, you will see the message in red. 

After you've successfully connected, click on "Save Config" on the top right to save your settings. The Lootly widget code is now automatically injected into your template. 

Step 3: Configure your Magento 2 order settings

Now that you've successfully installed & connected the extension in your Magento 2 store. The next step is to customize your order settings. 

These order settings determine the following: 

  • Order Status - when points are issued to a customer

  • Refund Status - when points are refunded to a customer

For Order Status, we support the following statuses: 

  • Processing

  • Invoiced

  • Shipped

  • Completed

For Refund Status, we support the following statues: 

  • Refund

  • Canceled 

Be sure to click "Save Config" at the top right, once you've made your selections. 

Advanced configurations

We support certain custom scenarios for Magento users which can further help you deploy the ideal loyalty and referral program for your brand.

In the plugin configuration area, you'll see the Advanced options block:

  • Auto apply coupon code to cart - This option will auto apply the coupon code to the cart. Please note, at least 1 product must be added to the cart for this option to function. Magento does not allow a coupon code to be added to cart without a product being present in cart first. Once checked, this option applies for all coupon based reward types you have enabled in your program.

  • Auto apply free product to cart - This option will auto apply a free product reward to the cart once the customer clicks "redeem " button.

  • Custom Price Rule ID - This feature allows you to have coupon codes generated based on a specific master coupon rule you’ve defined within Magento 2. This option will bypass any logic set in Lootly’s end, and only rely on the rules you’ve configured within your Magento 2 coupon area. Please reach out to us if you need to deploy something like this for your programs.

Step 4: Configure your Lootly Settings

The last step of the integration, is to configure how Lootly should reward customers with points based on the following items: 

  • Subtotal

  • Exclude coupon discounts

  • Include shipping

  • Include taxes

  • Include previous purchases as a Guest -  Lootly must be installed to start counting guest purchases for this setting to work properly. 

You can configure these items by going to (within your Lootly account): 

  • Click Integrations

  • Click Manage

  • Select Edit Settings, next to Magento 2

That's it, you're all done with the implementation!

Have a question about this integration or need help? 

Feel free to contact our support team at any time, by clicking the Live Chat icon on the bottom right. 

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