Learn how to install & configure Lootly for Shopify & Shopify Plus

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This guide will help you to connect your Shopify or Shopify Plus store to Lootly.

Step 1: Install Lootly App

To get started, you will need to visit the Shopify app store, by clicking here

Once on the page click "Add app" to start the process. 

  • If you already have an account, the system will ask you login

  • If you do not have an account, the system will automatically create one for you. 

Once this is done, you're all connected. That was easy :) 

Step 2: Configure your Shopify Settings in Lootly

Now that you've successfully installed the app to your Shopify store. The next step is to customize how points are issued & removed from customers based on their order status. 

Within your Lootly account go to: 

  • Integrations > Manage 

  • Click "Edit Settings" for the Shopify Integration

You should now see a screen that looks like this:

From this settings area, we recommend to 1st configure your order status items:

  • How to reward points to customers based on order status, we recommend to use the status "Fulfilled". 

  • How to subtract points based on order status, we recommend to use the status "Refunded". 

Next, you can select how you want to reward points based on each order item: 

  • Exclude coupon discounts - recommended to keep this enabled

  • Include shipping

  • Include taxes

  • Induce previous purchases as a guest - this means if a customer purchased from your store previously, we will award them points based on your earning action rules after they login to your store. 

If you switched templates, and need to reinstall the Lootly code to your site (to show the widget), click the button called "Reinstall Widget Code". 

Step 3: Tags

You can now choose whether you want to pull any existing customer tags in Shopify into Lootly and vice versa; whether you want to push Lootly customer tags into Shopify:

Check the box on the action you wish to be performed and save your changes.

Have a question about this integration or need help? 

Feel free to contact our support team at any time, by clicking the Live Chat icon on the bottom right. 

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