How To Install It

Lootly's Klaviyo integration can be setup in 2 minutes.

Step 1:

  • Find your Klaviyo API key and copy it - in order for Lootly and Klaviyo to connect, you need to generate a new private API key or copy an existing one ( if you already have it).

  • Copy your private API key.

Step 2:

  • Navigate in Lootly to Integrations -> Overview.

  • Find Klaviyo and hit Connect.

  • Paste your API key and click Enable

  • Hit Save

You're done!

Lootly data will now stream into Klaviyo as it updates.

How It Works

The integration will stream loyalty data into Klaviyo whenever a customer's point balance changes, in real time. If someone earns/spends points, Lootly will send updated loyalty data to Klaviyo and it will become available as a Custom Property. This is what it will look like:

It will send:

  • Point Balance

  • Referral URL

  • VIP Tier

  • Birthday date entered in Lootly

Note that simply connecting Klaviyo will not automatically update every customer at the point of connection. It will only update the next time their balance changes. The change triggers the sync.

Also note that admin actions will also trigger data pushed to Klaviyo to update.

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