This guide will help you learn how to connect Lootly to Zapier and create custom Zapier actions in Lootly that will allow you to connect our platform with all the apps you love to use.

Follow the steps below to get started.


Step1: Create a Custom Zapier Action

Go to Points from the main menu -> Earning ->Add Action.

From the list of actions, choose Custom Zapier Action -> Add Action

When you configure the settings for your Custom Zapier Action, make sure you add a Zap ID, which will help you connect the newly created zap with your custom Zapier action in Lootly:

Make sure you Enable and Save your action.


Step 2: Connect Lootly with Zapier

Navigate to Integrations in the main menu in your Lootly account:

Find Zapier in the integrations page on the right and click Connect.

Follow the instructions to connect your Zapier account.


Step 3: Create your Zap

To find our app on Zapier, please go to this link:

You’ll be asked to enter the API key provided to you in Lootly app once you did the integration:

You can now set your zap:

3.1. Choose the Trigger App - this is the app you want to connect with Lootly. Configure this part as per your needs.

3.2. Configuring the Action part of your Zap - Zapier automatically chooses Lootly Loyalty and Rewards as the Action app, as you accepted the invitation from the link above.

Once here, from Action Events, choose one of the provided options:

Next, you want to choose your Lootly account:

And finally, customize the following fields in Zapier with data from Lootly.

For this step, you will need the zap ID and the no. of points you configured in step 1.

You will also need to add some text for the description of this Zap.

Add the zap ID in the “Lootly Custom Earning Action Identifier” field as shown above.

Save and activate your new zap.


Feel free to reach out to us in the Live Chat or on if you have any questions or need further assistance with Zapier integrations.

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