This guide will help you to implement Lootly in your Neto store in just a few simple steps.


Step 1: Install Lootly app on Neto

As a Neto merchant, you can use Lootly as an add-on for your e-store.

  1. Sign into your Neto control panel and navigate to the Add-ons menu on the left side.

  2. Scroll down to the Marketing section and find the Lootly app.

  3. Click “Install” and follow the on-screen prompts to finish the installation.


Step 2: Adjust Lootly order settings

Once the above settings are set up, the Lootly widget will be injected into the store.

As new orders flow into Lootly, customers are awarded with points automatically.

To adjust how points are calculated based on order discounts or shipping, in your Lootly account navigate to:

Integrations -> Overview ->Neto

Note: please make sure that Neto is marked as “Enabled” in Integrations -> Manage -> Neto

From here you can adjust:

  • Exclude Discounts - this means we do not give points for a coupon value used on the order. By default this should be checked. Example: Order is for $100 - discount of $20 = $80 order value, we give points based on the $80.

  • Include Shipping - this means we award points for the shipping value. By default this is not checked, meaning points are not awarded for shipping cost.

  • Include Taxes - this means we award points for the tax value of the order. By default this is not checked, meaning points are not awarded for taxes.

Once done with these settings, save your changes in Lootly.


Step 3: Upload coupon codes

Upload the coupon codes that your customers will get as they redeem points for rewards.

  1. Go to Points -> Spending;

  2. Click on Add Reward and choose the type of rewards that you’ll offer in your program;

  3. In each reward page, scroll down to the Reward Codes section -> click on Add Codes:

  • An import tool will open prompting you to upload a document with your coupon codes. This should be a simple CSV file with 1 column containing your coupon codes:

Once the CSV file is uploaded, save your changes and enable your program.

Note: You should do the same process for the referral rewards too.


That’s it! ✨

Feel free to reach out to us in the Live Chat or at support@lootly.io if you need further assistance with implementing Lootly in your Neto store.

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