This guide will help you to connect your Trustspot account with Lootly and reward your customers with points for:

  • writing a company review

  • writing a product review

  • writing an experience submission

  • submitting a photo

  • submitting a video


Step 1: Connect your Trustspot account with Lootly

  1. Login in your Trustspot admin panel

  2. Navigate to “Site Integrations“ in the main menu on the left side

  3. Click on “Marketing

  4. Choose Lootly and click on Setup:

5. Enter Lootly API details in Trustspot.

The API key and the API secret key can be found in your Lootly Account Settings ( navigate to Account Settings in Lootly from the right top corner and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the API Keys section )

Save your changes.

Now when you go to Points -> Earning -> Add Action -> Store section , you will see the available options by Trustspot for creating points earning actions.


Feel free to jump to the Live Chat with any questions you have or drop us a message at support@lootly.io

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