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How to connect Lootly with Trustspot
How to connect Lootly with Trustspot

Connect Lootly with Trustspot to run highly effective reviews campaigns for your e-business.

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This guide will help you to connect your Trustspot account with Lootly and reward your customers with points for:

  • writing a company review

  • writing a product review

  • writing an experience submission

  • submitting a photo

  • submitting a video


Step 1: Connect your Trustspot account with Lootly

  1. Login in your Trustspot admin panel

  2. Navigate to β€œSite Integrationsβ€œ in the main menu on the left side

  3. Click on β€œMarketing”

  4. Choose Lootly and click on Setup:

5. Enter Lootly API details in Trustspot.

The API key and the API secret key can be found in your Lootly Account Settings ( navigate to Account Settings in Lootly from the right top corner and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the API Keys section )

Save your changes.

Now when you go to Points -> Earning -> Add Action -> Store section , you will see the available options by Trustspot for creating points earning actions.


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