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Referral Popup Overview
Referral Popup Overview

What is the referral popup, the benefits of using it and the customization options for designing a targeted and effective referral program.

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This guide aims to explain what is the referral popup method, why you should use it in your e-store and what options are offered in Lootly to strategically display the popup for achieving high referral rates.

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What is the referral popup?

The referral popup is one of the referral methods offered in Lootly.

It allows your customers to take advantage of your referral offer and share your brand with their friends and family through one of the sharing options offered in the popup method.

The beauty of the referral popup is that it allows customers to do the referral right then and there, without having to leave the page or disrupt their browsing on your store.

referral popup lootly

What are the benefits of using a referral popup?

Website popups in general have a lot of pros, among which are increased customer engagement and increased conversion rates.

Knowing your customers’ buying journey, you can create a popup that isn’t intrusive, but is intuitive and follows the natural flow of actions of your customers.

A best practice to assure high referral rates is adding the referral popup on your post-purchase confirmation page where your customers can refer their friends and family right after they’ve made the purchase instead of having to rely on your customers to click the popup and send the referral while they’re browsing your site.

Advanced Referral Popup Targeting options

With Lootly, you can define the logic of the referral popup to display in the right time, to the right customers with the right message.

The platform offers powerful restriction options and customizations for you to promote your referral program to your customers in a very effective way.

lootly referral popup logic

In the General settings:

  • Time delay to show - choose between Immediately and Display Delay. If you choose Display Delay, set after how much time should the customer on your website see the referral popup;

  • Frequency - choose between various options on how many times should the popup with the referral offer be shown to customers;

  • Only show if URL matches - choose where do you want to display the popup - you can add 1 or multiple urls here. Think about your goal with referral sales and the optimal user experience on your site.

  • Choose whether you want to show the popup on mobile devices

  • Auto switch to next sharing option - this is a powerful feature which allows the user to be automatically directed to the next enabled sharing option for referrals after they have completed the first referral share.

In the Display Conditions settings:

  • Choose which customers should see the referral popup and which ones you want to exclude from the program.

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