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Referral Sharing Methods
Referral Sharing Methods

Learn what are all the ways customers can share a referral and how you can set them up in the referral popup method.

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This guide aims to explain how a referral can be shared by your customers, the sharing methods available in Lootly and how to set them up for success.

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Referrals Sharing

The standard referral sharing method is by sending over a referral link to the receiver of the referral, so they can click it and perform the action.

In times of social media communications, increased mobile usage and unprecedented importance of flawless user experience, you want to offer your customers options to send a referral in the method they most prefer.

This is why Lootly offers several different referral sharing options which you can define to show in the referral popup for easy and uninterrupted referral sharing.

Referrals Sharing Options

Lootly offers several referral sharing options:

  1. Facebook share - allows your customers to share the referral link on their Facebook profile;

  2. Facebook messenger share - sends the referral link in a message on Facebook Messenger

  3. Twitter share - allows customers to share the referral link in a tweet;

  4. Email - send the referral link in an email;

  5. Mobile sharing options (SMS and WhatsApp)

referral sharing lootly

How to customize the referral sharing options

Lootly allows you to customize the messages that customers would send with the referral link. You’re doing all the work for them, so all they have to do is just share the message.

For Facebook and Twitter, you can define the post message, metadata and thumbnail of the post:

social media referral sharing
social media referral design

Use the referral variables on the right side of the screen to add a Receiver Name, Sender Name, Company Name, Reward name etc.

How to enable the sharing options in the referral popup

Once you have customized the various referral sharing options, you want to enable them so they show in the referral popup:

enable social referral share

Please make sure you enable each of the sharing options you want to offer in the referral popup.

And once this is done, enable the referral popup method so it shows on your website.

Referrals -> Referral Methods -> Popup Logic Settings -> Edit -> Enable

referral popup lootly

That’s it! 🎉

When customers buy from you now, they can refer their friends and family to your business without disrupting their ongoing browsing activity or changing devices.

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