Referral Popup Customization Options

Learn how to tailor the message and customize the looks of your referral popup.

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This guide aims to help you navigate through the customization options offered by Lootly for the referral popup method. You can customize anything from text font, size and color, images, button texts and messages for both sender and receiver interface.


Customize Sender Popup Design

Navigate to Display -> Referral Popup -> Sender Popup Design - >Edit

Each element in the sender referral popup is customizable:

  1. Customize the header

  • Give it a title in the Reward Text box;

  • How do you want to share” text

  • Add a custom side image

  • Customize each box text with color, font and font size.


2. Customize Sharing Options View

The sharing options you defined for the referral popup, are all clickable and show a message to the viewer which can be tailored to your needs.

  • For each sharing option define a title, message and a button text;

  • Define the colors of the sharing options icons, and the text color, font and size


3. Customize the Footer

  • Add the Terms and Conditions text in the box

  • Add the link to your Terms and Conditions page

  • Disable the Lootly logo in the footer

  • Customize the footer text color and size


4. Customize the popup’s header design on mobile devices

  • Tailor the header with steps text, title text along with color and font size.


5. Customize the post sharing screen

Define what customers see after they’ve shared the referral:

  • Tailor the title text, the default message text and the buttons text;

  • Customize text in color and font size

Once you’ve done all customizations, save your changes in the right top corner of the page.


Customize the Receiver Popup Design

Similarly to the referral popup sender text, you can customize what your new customers will see once they receive the referral.

To do this, just go to DIsplay -> Referral Popup -> Receiver Popup Design ->Edit and customize all text and imagery where applicable.

Save your changes when you’re done customizing.


That's it! 🎉

Your referral popup method is now fully customized to promote your referral program in a way that is visually attractive, speaks your brand and is not disrupting your customers’ experience at your e-store.

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