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How to set limited quantity redemption for the free product reward
How to set limited quantity redemption for the free product reward

Limit the quantity of a particular free product reward that your customers can redeem for their points.

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In cases when you have limited stock of a product you’re offering as a free product reward, you want to make sure that everyone who redeems it is able to actually get it. This guide aims to help you set up the quantity limit for the free product reward option.

Step 1: Navigate to Points -> Spending

  1. Find the free product action you wish to add quantity limit for and click on it;

  2. In the action settings, scroll down to Advanced Options;

  3. Check the Set Quantity Limit box;

  4. Add the number of available stock for redemption for this product;

  5. Save your changes.

How this feature works: if you have 5 free products available for your customers to redeem, once the reward was redeemed 5 times ( as per your settings in the free product reward), it auto-disables itself and is no longer available to your customers as an available reward in the widget.

This protects you from having to argue with customers who redeemed their points and never received a free gift because you didn’t have it in stock at the time of redemption.

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