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How to customize the VIP Program Emails
How to customize the VIP Program Emails

Customize the email notification your customers receive when they reach a VIP tier in your program.

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By customizing the email customers receive when they reach a VIP tier you can have every aspect of the VIP tiered program fully on brand. Also, you can add strategically chosen text or design elements to prompt an action from your new tier member.

1. Enable email notifications

In each VIP tier, first enable the email notification option so customers can receive it once they reach the tier:

VIP program email notification

2. Customize the email text and design

In the box called “design” set out the text for the email notification and add a custom icon; change color of the icon and also apply some custom design if needed:

lootly VIP loyalty

Keep in mind that this customization is done per tier - meaning you can define what the message will be for each of the tiers.

However, how the overall design of this email will be is defined in Design -> Email Notifications -> Vip Tier Earned -> Edit

This is your Master Template which you can also customize:

tiered rewards program

Once you’re done, save your changes.

That's it!

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