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How to setup Multi-Store Point Syndication
How to setup Multi-Store Point Syndication

Learn how to automatically share your customer’s point balance between multiple brands.

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If you own 2 or more e-commerce brands on which you have deployed a loyalty and referrals program, and you want to allow customers to share their earned points across two or more stores, you can now do this with Lootly.

The multi-store point syndication feature is a powerful cross-sales tool with which you can promote products from your new brand to the existing customer base of your established brand and thus increase sales and decrease costs for customer acquisition.

This guide gives you instructions on how to set this in Lootly and also some helpful information to keep in mind.

Note: The multi-store point syndication feature is available in the Advanced plan.

Watch a video tutorial 👇

Step 1: Ensure your stores have the loyalty programs all set up

In order to be able to enable this feature, first make sure both your brands are connected to their Lootly accounts and set up completely.

Also, in order for this feature to work seamlessly, your customers should be signing up to all of your stores between you wish to allow points sharing, with the same email address.

Once you have created and set up the Lootly accounts for all your brands, you can enable the feature.

Step 2: Enabling multi-store point syndication

  1. In the main menu, go to Points -> Settings

  2. At the bottom of the settings page, enable the multi-store point syndication feature:

multi-store point share

Note that the Lootly store account in which you’re already logged in is automatically chosen to sync points with the other stores you’ll choose in the next step.

3. Click on “ Select store to syndicate points” dropdown and check the stores you want to sync points between:

loyalty program multi store

Once you check which stores you wish to sync points between, you’ll be able to see what you selected:

multi store e-commerce points program

This now means that the store I’m logged in - store X and the store Neto Test are syncing points for customers who have accounts on both stores.

Customers can now redeem their combined point balance from both stores into either store X or store Neto Test.

Save your changes.

Scenario Example

Let's say for example that a merchant have 5 brands: brand A, brand B, brand C, brand D and brand E.

  • merchant logs into brand account A and enables syndication for brand account B. Now both store A and store B are connected;

  • merchant logs into brand account C and enables syndication for brand account D. Now both stores ( C and D) are connected.

This means that even IF the user has the same email in store A and store C, the point balance is not shared and is instead separated because they were not selected together in the same dropdown.

Merchant can keep syndication disabled on brand account E since he doesn’t want to push points there.

Note: The multi-store point syndication feature is designed to allow merchants to syndicate points from different brands, not different language stores from the same brand.

Feel free to reach out to us in the chat if you need any assistance with this feature or have any questions.

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