Distribute unique codes among customers and your wider target audience and incentivize code redemption. This earning action can be used in a variety of ways, such as contests, giveaways and more.

This guide shows you how to set this earning action in Lootly.

Step 1: Set amount of points to be earned for this action

Since you’re incentivizing your customers to redeem a code, you want to make sure they know how many points they’ll earn if they do so.

  1. Go to Points -> Earning -> Add Action ( given you haven’t already added it)

  2. In the General Settings, enter the amount of points you’ll award customers for this action:

lootly code entry

Step 2: Set up an email notification

Notify your customers when they earn points from performing this action.

  1. Check the “Yes, send an email notification” box

  2. Design the preview for your action in the widget and the text for the email notification

manual code entry email notification

Step 3: Upload your codes

Have your codes entered on a simple csv file ( just the codes, no need for extra rows).

  1. Click on “Add Codes” to import your file:

  1. You can see the available codes by clicking on the “Available” tab;

  2. All codes: redeemed and available can be seen by clicking on the “All” tab:

Step 4: Set up earning limits

You can limit how many points can a customer earn by performing this action in a given time period:

  1. Enable the earning limit feature;

  2. Enter the amount of points to be earned and choose the time period in which you want the limit to apply to.

Save your changes.

That’s it!

Once you launch this earning action, you can track who redeemed a code in Points -> Activity -> filter by Activity -> choose the manual code entry title.

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