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Referral Reward Types
Referral Reward Types

Different types of referral rewards for different customer preferences.

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This guide shows all the types of rewards you can offer to your customers and prospective customers in the referral process. What type of reward you chose and how much you offer should always be based on what your customers find valuable and what best works for your business.

In the referral process, you have a sender of the referral, which is your customer, and a receiver of the referral, which is a prospective customer.

To incentivize taking action from both sides, you can choose what type of reward to offer to both sides.

Currently you can choose to set one of the following reward types:

  • Fixed Amount Discount

  • Percentage Off Discount

  • Free Shipping Discount

  • Free Product Discount

  • Lootly rewards: Points

  • Goal Referrals Reward (sender reward only)

  • Gift cards (via Tremendous)

referral reward types

You can choose to give discounts or points to both sender and receiver of the referral.

You can also choose to gamify the referrals program and add a goal referrals reward for the sender.

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