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How to connect Lootly with Re:amaze
How to connect Lootly with Re:amaze

Connect Lootly with Re:amaze and have customer loyalty data in front of you when you speak to your customers.

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Have your customers’ loyalty data at your fingertips when you talk to them via your Re:amaze live chat support. Lootly integrates directly with Re:amaze and pushes loyalty data to your customers’ accounts.

This guide helps you set up the integration, step by step.

Step 1: Enable the Re:amaze integration within Lootly

  1. Go to Integrations from the main menu -> Overview

  2. From the Apps, find Re:amaze and click “Connect”

reamaze loyalty apps

3. Copy the provided iframe code and enable the integration:

4. Save your changes.

Step 2: Add the iframe code into your Re:amaze account settings

  1. Login into your Re:amaze account and navigate to Settings > Developer > Custom Module:

reamaze lootly integration

2. Paste the iframe code you copied in step 1 into the “Custom module url” box and click “Update account”:

connect reamaze to lootly

Step 3: Customer loyalty data is now flowing into Re:amaze

Once the above is saved, a new block will now appear with your chat conversations called “Lootly” and will pull in the following data per customer:

  • Customer Name (linked to customer profile in Lootly)

  • Point balance

  • VIP Tier

  • Birthday

  • Referral URL

lootly integration reamaze

That's it!

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