Add a variable amount discount

Your customers can spend their points in increments through a variable amount discount.

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Add a variable amount discount spending action and allow your customers to spend their accumulated points at their own pace. Learn how to configure this spending reward in Lootly.

Why use the variable amount discount?

Depending on the buying frequency of your products, you may want to offer your customers an option to spend their points in chunks and always have a discount they can apply on their order.

For example, if your main offer is a soup which people can buy every day, sometimes even several times in a day, a variable amount discount can be a great offer.

If I have already accumulated points at the soup store ( by performing various actions such as signing up for an account, interacting with the store on social media and maybe even reading about the business mission), now I can choose to spend them in chunks on my orders, allowing me to save on each next soup I order.

Of course, you can combine the variable amount discount with other types of discounts, and essentially offer people a choice on how they want to spend their points.

Add a variable amount discount - configuration, customization and display options

  1. Go to Points -> Spending -> Add reward

2. Choose Variable Amount Discount

3. Configure the reward:

  • The variable amount discount essentially allows customers to get $X off discount per Y points redeemed. If you wish to further control the offer and indicate the minimum order amount as well as the maximum amount of points that be used for this reward, you can do that too in the general reward settings:

4. Choose whether you want to send an email notification when customers redeem points for this reward and customize the notification to fit your brand.

5. Add spending conditions

6. If this is a limited time offer, set a coupon expiration period

7. Choose how you wish to display the discount in the widget - there are 2 options to redeem points for the variable amount discount: through the slider, which is a default display option and by manually entering the number of points to be redeemed in a box in the widget. If you wish to enable the second option, scroll on the page to the Advanced settings part and check the box:

This is how the entry field looks when enabled in the widget:

Save your changes and enable the reward on the top of the page.

That’s it!

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