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How to add a Custom API Action
How to add a Custom API Action

Give points for virtually any scenario on your site and have it fully tracked in your dashboard.

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The new custom API action is the ultimate tool that allows you to bring your unique vision regarding your loyalty program to life.

It is especially beneficial for merchants who want to give points to a customer for doing X action on their website and have Lootly fully track that action.

For example: create a shopping wish list - earn X points; download our mobile shopping app - earn Y points; add a new product subscription - earn Z points, etc - the possibilities are endless.

This guide explains how to configure the new custom API action in Lootly.

Note: this action is only available in the Advanced plan.

Step 1: Create the earning action in Lootly

  1. Go to Points -> Earning -> Add Action -> Custom API Action

custom action api
  1. Set how many points this action gives, the name of the action and any other limitations you’d like to set.

  2. You’ll notice a grayed out text field at the top, which contains a unique ActionID. This is the number you place in the API call so Lootly knows which action the customer completed.

  3. Enable the action and save your changes.

give points for anything

Step 2: Call API

Once the action is configured in Lootly, the next step is to build the call in your platform.

To do this, refer to our API documentation:

For the API call itself, you simply need to provide:

  • Email

  • ActionID

We also give you the option of stating a point value. This is optional, in case you want to override the earning action setting and give a custom amount of points to a customer.

You’re all set!

As you call the API, Lootly will give the customer points and the action name will show up in all relevant areas in Lootly, such as the dashboard, earning activity, reporting and more.

That’s it!

If you have any questions regarding the custom API action, please reach out to us in the chat.

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