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Create product and category restrictions in Bigcommerce
Create product and category restrictions in Bigcommerce

Set the option for a reward to be applicable on selected categories only in Bigcommerce.

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You may want to offer a specific reward which can be applied only to a specific product or collection at your store.

The reasons for this can be different; boost sales for a particular product; promote a new collection, sell a product faster and so on.

If you’re running your store on Bigcommerce, you can achieve this by following the steps in this guide.

Note: this guide is intended for Bigcommerce merchants only.

Step 1: Create a category in Bigcommerce

  • Follow this guide on how to create a category in Bigcommerce;

  • When you’re setting the category, make sure you select products that you want customers to be able to apply a coupon on and thus excluding products you don’t want the reward to be applicable on.

Step 2: Set the condition in Lootly

Within Lootly , under category restrictions set “equals” or “has any of” and select the new category that was just created.

Customers can now obtain a coupon code and that code will only work if applied on the products that are in this category.

You're all set!

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