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How to update tags in bulk
How to update tags in bulk

Tags allow you to segment your customers in Lootly and target your audience with specific loyalty offers.

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Segmenting your customers is a really powerful feature allowing you to offer specific rewards or point earning actions to special segments of your customers. For example, you can tag all your wholesale customers in Lootly and set a condition on your rewards to exclude wholesale customers from being able to redeem points for it. Or, you can create a reward that will only apply to your wholesale customers.

Tagging customers in Lootly is super easy and fast, as it’s all done with one file import.

Follow this guide to learn how to do this.

Import the tag file into Lootly

  1. First you need to decide the tag name and get a list of customers who should have the tag added.

  2. Go to Customers from the main menu -> Adjust Tags

  3. Download the sample file to format your file for import. Make sure the file is formatted correctly as indicated in the sample for the import to be successful.

  4. Import your file

segment customers

You should see the tags now in the customer profile and on the main customers page.

You’re now able to set conditions for all earning and spending actions based on customer tags.

If you have any questions or need help with customer tags, reach out to us in the chat.

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