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How to add a Custom Reward Spending Action
How to add a Custom Reward Spending Action

Use the custom reward to offer your customers rewards that can't be fulfilled online, like making a donation in their name and more.

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Depending on your strategy and resources, you may want to offer a reward that fulfilled directly by you instead of on the website.

Lootly offers you this option, where you as a merchant can offer customers the option to redeem their points for a custom reward.

This can range in anything from a free t-shirt mailed directly to the customer, to an entry into a special giveaway to making a donation to a cause/organization in the customer’s name.

Set up the custom reward spending action

Step 1: Just like any other spending action -> go to Points -> Spending and choose Custom Rewards from the options:

custom reward

Step 2: Configure the action

  • Amount of points to redeem for this reward;

  • The email notification that notifies people that they have redeemed points for this reward;

  • Choose if you want to be notified when customers redeem points for this reward ( this is super useful if you’re offering a type of reward that needs to be fulfilled instantly or in a short time period, like making a donation in the customer’s name for example)

merchant notification option
  • The redemption settings - this will be shown to people after they redeem points for the reward, so you can input here a title ( ex. Congratulations!) and a body text ( ex. Your t-shirt will be shipped in 1-2 days)

  • The name of the reward ( ex. Free branded t-shirt, April Giveaway Entry, $x Donation to Nature Conservancy etc.)

  • Add a custom icon for the reward in the widget

  • Add conditions

  • Add spending limit

Step 3: Save your changes and enable the action.

Here’s an example:

donation reward

You’re all set!

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