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How to connect Lootly with Zendesk
How to connect Lootly with Zendesk

Have a full overview of the customer you’re talking to by integrating Lootly with your Zendesk Customer Service tool.

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Provide excellent customer service experiences by knowing everything about the customer you’re talking to. Have their loyalty data pushed into their customer profile in Zendesk to provide fast and accurate information and suggestions.

Follow this guide to integrate your Zendesk account with Lootly.

Setting up the integration

Step 1: Add Zendesk to your active integrations

  • Go to Integrations from the main menu in Lootly - > choose Zendesk:

Step2: Enter in the Zendesk subdomain for your account, account email, and API key

To find the Zendesk API keys, do the following in Zendesk:

  • Click Admin

  • Click Channels > API

  • Click Settings

  • Select the + icon , enter a name than click create

Enter your API keys in Lootly:

Integrations -> Manage -> Open Zendesk:

Step 3: Save your changes.

How the integration works

The integration will stream loyalty data into Zendesk whenever a customer's point balance changes.. If someone earns/spends points, Lootly will send updated loyalty data to Zendesk.

It will look like this:

zendesk lootly

The data points we sent are:

  • Point balance

  • Referral URL

  • Birthday

  • VIP Tier


Simply connecting Zendesk will not automatically update every customer at the point of connection.

It will only update the next time their balance changes.

The change triggers the sync.

You’re all set!

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