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How to connect Lootly with ReCharge
How to connect Lootly with ReCharge

Connect Lootly with ReCharge to easily incentivize new product subscriptions.

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If you want to incentivize people to start a product subscription, you can do so with points in Lootly. Lootly integrates directly with ReCharge, your favorite product for managing subscriptions and recurring payments for ecommerce businesses.

You can assign an earning action in Lootly and allow customers to earn valuable points for starting a product subscription, all automatically and fully tracked.

This guide explains how to connect Lootly with ReCharge.

Step 1: Setup ReCharge api key

Log into your ReCharge account.

Within the API key area select “scopes” and ensure the following is enabled:

  • write_webhooks

  • read_webhooks

  • read_suscriptions

  • store_info

Once confirmed, copy the API key.

Step 2: Enter API key in Lootly

Go to Integrations from the main Lootly menu -> choose ReCharge

Paste the API key and save:

Step 3: Setup the earning action

  1. Go to Points -> Earning - > Add new earning action -> choose ReCharge New Subscription

  2. Configure the action just like any new earning action

  3. Save your changes and enable the action

Once enabled, Lootly will give points to customers when they start a new product subscription.

You’ll see it in Activity -> filter by Recharge Subscription action and also in the customer’s profile:

NOTE: This is a 1 time point award per unique product subscription.

Lootly does not give points for monthly renewals.

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