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How to integrate Lootly with Attentive
How to integrate Lootly with Attentive

Learn how to connect Lootly to your Attentive account and how you can use loyalty marketing to boost your SMS marketing efforts

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SMS marketing is becoming an essential part of every business’s marketing strategy given how shopping on mobile devices has become the norm, rather than an option. Attentive is a personalized mobile messaging platform for innovative businesses and a favorite among many popular e-commerce brands who use the power of SMS marketing to connect with their customers.

The integration between Lootly and Attentive allows e-commerce brands to synergize their loyalty and SMS marketing strategies through easy and automatic display of loyalty data in Attentive, as well as offer loyalty points as incentive for people to enroll in your SMS program.

This article explains how to connect Lootly to your Attentive account as well as the use cases the integration supports.

Connect Lootly to Attentive

Step 1: Find Attentive in Lootly integrations

  1. Login into your Lootly account;

  2. Go to Integrations -> Overview -> SMS category -> choose Attentive from the list

  3. Click Connect:

Step 2: Finish connecting on Attentive end

  • Once you click Connect in Lootly, you’ll be sent to Attentive asking to login and connect the Lootly app:

Once you click connect, you’ll be successfully sent back to Lootly and you’ll be connected.

Click Enable (the enable button will show after you finish the connection on Attentive side) & Save and that’s it - the integration is now complete.

Use cases: what can you do with this integration?

Use case 1: Push more customers to subscribe to your SMS program by offering a point incentive

You can now award points to customers for subscribing to your SMS program.

To do this in Lootly:

  1. Go to Points -> Earning -> Add action

  2. Choose “Attentive - New SMS Subscriber”

  1. Decide how many points to give for completing this action;

  2. Enable the action and save your changes

Note: we recommend you update the design of the popup in Attentive to indicate the amount of points customers will receive by completing the action:

Use case 2: Automatically push loyalty data to Attentive

Lootly will automatically push data points as they occur, as long as the user is subscribed to the merchant's account.

We will push the following data when updates occur:

  • Point Balance

  • VIP Tier

  • Birthday

  • Referral URL

The merchant can then run segmented marketing campaigns to users, from under: Attentive account > Segments and select the item from the Dropdown such as Point Balance.

If you have any questions regarding the integration between Lootly and Attentive and how to make it work for your e-store, please reach out to us in the chat support or on

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