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How to add inline points to your product pages
How to add inline points to your product pages

Learn how to use the inline points feature and how to add it on your product pages.

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The inline points feature allows you to tell your customers how many points they can earn by purchasing each specific product in your store.

It is a great way to engage your customers and to make sure they interact with your program each time they browse your product catalogue.

Follow this guide to learn how to add the inline points feature and what you need to know about it.

Add inline points to your product pages

  • Navigate to Display -> Inline points from the main menu in Lootly;

  • There are 2 options you can choose from: product points and customer point balance.

The product points feature is a line of text that tells people on your website how many points they can earn if they buy the specific product.

The customer point balance feature allows you to display the total available point balance of a customer. This is usually added in the My account section of your e-store.

  • Click Edit on Product Points. You’ll notice an option to choose your platform in the Product Points Code section. Choose your platform and copy the provided line of code.

  • Once you have the inline points code, you need to go to your product pages template and add the code in that template’s html. Make sure you customize the {price} value to match what you already have in your template.

  • You can customize the text in the above box and you can also style it. Please note that this requires HTML knowledge and proficiency.

Some points to consider about the inline points feature:

  • The inline points feature won't show to website visitors, only to logged - in customers who participate in your loyalty program.

  • The inline points feature is dynamic; this means that it will reflect the point multiplier of a VIP tier if one is offered as a benefit. So customers who are in a VIP tier would be seeing a different point value on this line of text once they sign into their store accounts.

  • The inline points feature is also dynamic in terms of customer restrictions; if you have added customer restrictions on your Make a Purchase action, then customers in this segment will not see the inline points. For example, if you have added "wholesaler" as a restricted category from earning points on purchases, each customer tagged as "wholesaler" will not be able to see the inline points on the product page.

Add customer point balance to My account area

  • In the same way, simply copy the provided code from Lootly and paste it in the html of your My account page to display the customer's total point balance.

  • You don’t need to choose a platform for this code, as this will be the same for all platforms.

You're all set!

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