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How to cancel a spending reward
How to cancel a spending reward

Learn how to cancel a spending reward the customer obtained by mistake.

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If your customers ever spend their points by mistake or they simply don’t want to obtain the reward just yet, you can cancel their spending reward and give them back the points they spent.

This guide explains how you can do this in Lootly in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Open customer profile

Find the customer for whom you wish to cancel a spending reward and open their profile.

You can do this in Customers -> Search tab.

Step 2: Cancel reward

In the customer profile, click on the Activity tab -> Spending

Here, you’ll see all the rewards the customer has spent points for. In the last column in this view, you’ll see a button “Cancel”

When you click this button Lootly will display a confirmation popup:

Upon clicking to confirm, Lootly will perform the following logic:

  • Reward is removed from the spending activity section in the profile.

  • Reward is removed from customer widget (under my rewards)

  • Points are added back to the customer account (new row shown in point earning activity on profile to indicate the reward was canceled)

Step 3: Disabling the coupon code

While the reward is canceled and the points are given back to the customer, the actual coupon code is still active in the e-commerce platform.

To ensure the coupon code won’t be used, make sure you disable it in your e-com backend.

Lootly can’t do this step since this is not technically supported by the e-commerce platforms.

Reach out to us in the chat if you have any questions.

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