How to create a commission offer

Create a commission offer for your affiliate program

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The commission offer is the most important part of your affiliate program. This article guides you through the steps of creating it in Lootly and explains the different options to consider when doing so.

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Step 1: Add new commission offer

To add a commission offer, navigate to Affiliates -> Commission Offers -> Add Offer

This will open the commission offer screen, where you’ll customize all the details about your offer.

Step 2: Customize your commission offer

In this screen, you’ll customize the following aspects:

Offer settings

  1. Offer name

  2. Choose a conversion trigger - understand conversion triggers

  3. Affiliate approval logic - if you check this option, all affiliates who apply to this offer, will be automatically approved.

Commission Structure

Define the type of commission you’ll offer in the program:

  • % of sales

  • Flat rate

  • Tiered commission

Once you choose the type of commission, you’ll define more details about it, such as:

  • % amount - if you choose % of sales as a commission type

  • $ amount - if you choose a flat commission type

  • Create tiers - if you choose a tiered commission type - learn how to create a tiered commission offer

  • Commission terms


You can customize how this offer will look in the program widget.

You can customize the following aspects:

  • Offer widget text - This text displays on the affiliate section of widget and is meant to be the title above the commission amount.

  • Commission - This tag pulls in the commission for the offer and is displayed below the offer widget text title.

  • Offer email text - When an affiliate is approved, they will receive an email which will include any customizable text you’ve indicated in this text box within the main notification template.

  • Affiliate Offer Icon

  • Customer Reward Icon

Advanced Options

In this section, you can configure the cookie days for this offer:

You can also set the order commissions logic, which controls if an affiliate can earn additional commissions from the same customer - if they make another purchase during the cookie days time limit.

Save your settings.

Your offer is now live.

You can create multiple commission offers for your program, but only 1 can be set as a default offer which will be displayed on your program registration page.

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