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How to deploy your affiliate registration page
How to deploy your affiliate registration page

There are a few ways you can add your affiliate registration page to your website.

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Lootly generates an affiliate registration page link which you can use to deploy the page on your website.

This guide explains how to get the link and shares a few ideas on how to use it to deploy the page on the website.

Obtaining the affiliate registration page link

The affiliate registration page link can be obtained only if you’ve set a default commission offer.

With that said, navigate to Affiliates -> Commission Offers -> find the default offer -> click on Actions -> Copy Registration page link:

Once you get that link, you can paste it in your browser to check out how your page will look like.

Distribute your affiliate registration page link

You can go around several ways when it comes to pushing your page live and open for applications.

Embed your affiliate application page on your site

  • Once you're done customizing the registration page, copy the provided code at the end of the customization screen and embed it on a web page on your site.

Create an “Affiliates” item in your header/footer menu

  • Once you create this element, add the link to it so that when people click it, it takes them to your new page

Create a custom Affiliate program page and link to the application page via button

  • Depending on your needs, you can design a special affiliate program page which will explain your affiliate program in more details and then link to your registration page from it. This can be done via an Apply button, for example.

Share the link via email

  • You can easily obtain your affiliate registration page link from Lootly and add it in your email marketing communications.

With this, your affiliate program is officially live and the registration page is open for applications.

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