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You can set up Google analytics tracking and Facebook meta tags on the affiliate registration page to get more insights about your affiliate traffic.

To get to this screen, navigate to Display -> Affiliate Registration Page -> Legal and Tracking -> Tracking and Meta Tags

Step 1: Add Google Analytics and Facebook Tracking

  • Add the Google Analytics Tracking ID (this is the UA tracking ID for the property in your Google account)

  • Add the Facebook Pixel Tracking ID

How tracking works:

Lootly will send data to these pixels as potential affiliates land on the registration page.

Step 2: Add Open Graph Tags

These are helpful when a user wants to copy and paste the link of the registration page and paste it on social media, such as Facebook.

The tags such as the description and image will pull in and display on the post.

This way you have more control over the appearance of the shared link on social media.

Save your changes.

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