How to manage your affiliates

Learn how to manage new affiliates, manually create an affiliate and import/export affiliates.

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In the Affiliates section, you can see all the affiliate applications and their status; you can take action on the per application level and do some manual actions.

This guide explains how.

Managing pending applications

Applications with status pending are new and need to be reviewed and then approved or denied.

To do this, navigate to Affiliates -> open the affiliates section -> browse your pending applications -> click on Actions:

From here you can:

  • Approve an affiliate

  • View the affiliate profile - check the affiliate profile and details about their application. From here you can also approve the affiliate, change the offer and issue manual credit.

  • Change offer - all applicants are assigned to the default commission offer at the time of applying. If you wish to change this offer for the particular affiliate, you can do it with this action.

  • Decline an application

Manually create an affiliate account

In addition to the registration page, you can also manually create an affiliate account in Lootly.

To do this navigate to Affiliates -> Add Affiliate:

The popup here will contain all the fields you’ve configured for your registration page + the option to select the offer which you want to assign to this new affiliate.

The Notify affiliate by email with offer details option sends an email to the affiliate automatically. Check this box if you want the system to handle this communication.

You can manually add as many affiliates as you want.

Importing affiliate accounts

You can import affiliate accounts in bulk.

To do this, simply click the Import tool in the Affiliates screen.

You can download the sample CSV file to see how to format your file for import.

Step 1: Create your default commission offer first

Step 2: Customize the registration page with all the fields you need in the application

Step 3: Download the sample CSV file for import - notice that the file contains the custom fields you created for the registration page. This way, you have a better and clearer way of how to organize all information about your affiliate accounts that needs to be imported.

Step 4: Import your file (max 10000 rows per file. If you have more rows, please divide them into multiple files.)


  1. Can we search affiliates by social media ID?

    • At this point we don't support this option. The social media ID is a custom field which a merchant can decide to use or not use.

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