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How to send commission payments to affiliates
How to send commission payments to affiliates

Learn how to send the commission payment to your affiliates directly from within Lootly.

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Approved affiliate orders are subject to a commission calculation and distribution to the affiliates.

This article explains how commissions are assigned in Lootly, how to manage payments individually and in bulk and how to send via each supported payment method.

Assigning commissions to affiliates

A commission is assigned to the affiliate automatically when you approve an affiliate order.

This commission is then shown as “pending” for the affiliate and ready to be paid.

You may choose to send commissions as an order is approved, or you may wait until a specific time to send all earned commissions to the affiliate at once.

You may also choose a specific time of day/week/month when you pay commissions in bulk ( to all affiliates, all commissions you owe them).

Sending a commission payment

You can send all owed commissions to an affiliate at once, or you can send a commission on per order level as it gets approved.

Sending all owed commission payments at once

Navigate to Affiliates -> Payments:

A commission amount ready to be sent will have the Pending status assigned to it.

From here, you can view the orders that generated this pending amount or directly send the pending amount.

  1. View Orders - this option is a snapshot of the pending commissions for this specific affiliate in the selected time period:

In this snapshot, you’ll see the following information about the affiliate’s pending commission payments:

Order Count - the number of approved orders for which you owe commission. You can see these orders in the below Individual Orders table.

Total Order Value - shows you the total value of these orders. The individual order value can be seen in the Individual Orders table.

Commission Amount - shows you the total amount of commission you owe to the affiliate. This is the sum of all approved individual orders shown in the Individual Orders table.

  1. Send payment - this option allows you to send all commissions owed to the affiliate. When you click send payment, you’ll get to a confirmation screen:

In this screen you’ll choose the payment method via which you wish to send the commission payment:

  • PayPal - easily send your affiliates commissions in one-click with PayPal. Lootly will utilize your integration settings to issue a bulk payment to all affiliates and their full commission amount. Once completed, the orders will be marked as Paid and your affiliates will receive an email.

  • Gift Card - easily pay all of your affiliates in one-click by uploading a CSV of gift cards. Once completed, Lootly will mark all orders as Paid and also email your affiliates their gift card code.

  • Complete Payment Manually - This method is meant for transactions performed outside of Lootly such as ACH or paper check. Once you click the ‘complete payment’ button, Lootly will mark all orders as paid. Then it’s up to you to complete the actual payment via methods such as ACH or paper check.

Sending commission payment on per order level

You may want to send a commission immediately after an order is approved.

To do this, navigate to Affiliates -> Orders -> Actions -> Send Payment:

This will take you to the confirmation screen where you need to choose the payment method via which you wish to send the payment, as explained above.

Complete the process.

Manually crediting the affiliate

All orders placed in your e-store and approved in Lootly will have a commission automatically assigned to it.

There may be cases when you want/need to credit an affiliate an amount that’s not generated by an approved order (meaning there’s no order in Lootly associated with the amount).

To do this, navigate to Affiliates -> Actions -> View Affiliate:

Click Manual Credit - the tool allows you to give a commission to an affiliate outside of the regular orders process. When a credit is given to the affiliate, the amount will show up on the payments screen and be marked as approved.

NOTE: It’s entirely up to you how you wish to pay the affiliates. If you’ve decided that you’ll be paying via PayPal as a general policy, make sure to add the PayPal email field as mandatory in your affiliate application.

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