Understanding Conversion Triggers

Configure what triggers an order to be attributed to an affiliate.

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You can choose between 2 types of conversion triggers in the affiliate process today. Learn the different options, how they work and are presented to your affiliates.

Conversion Trigger Types

Lootly supports 2 types of conversion triggers today:

  • Affiliate link

  • Coupon code

Choosing a conversion trigger

When you configure an offer, you can choose the conversion trigger for that specific offer:

Link conversion trigger - Lootly generates the affiliate link once the affiliate is approved. The affiliate link and the offer details are then sent to the affiliate’s email.

From here, the affiliate can use their link to share in their network.

Note: The affiliate link is simply a link for affiliates to promote the brand and drive sales to your store. It does not include any offer to the potential customers.

Besides on their email, the affiliate can also pick their link from within the program widget on your website.

This conversion trigger is great for Youtubers, bloggers, affiliates who have a large and engaged email list.

Coupon code conversion trigger - Once the affiliate is approved, Lootly assigns them a coupon code which they can use in their network.

Similarly like the affiliate link, this coupon code along with the offer details is sent to the affiliate’s email and also available to them in the program widget.

Note: the coupon code conversion trigger does allow you to include an offer for the potential customers. If you wish to allow your affiliates to offer discounts to their customers, use this conversion trigger.

This conversion trigger is great for Instagram influencers, Facebook influencers, Snapchat influencers, Youtubers)

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