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Customizing the coupon code trigger

Customize the coupon code which will be shared with affiliates.

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The coupon code shared with affiliates can be customized to fit your needs. This includes the basic customizations of a coupon code and advanced customization options to fit unique use case scenarios.

Customizing the coupon code on per offer level

When you choose the coupon code as a conversion trigger for a commission offer, on the same page you have the option to configure few details about the code:

Coupon type - choose between $ off and % off

Coupon value - add the value of the discount that affiliates will be offering

Coupon prefix - add a prefix to the coupon code to brand it.

Minimum order value - if you want the coupon code to be applicable only on orders of a certain minimum value, add this number here. This option is useful if you’re trying to increase the average order value in your store.

Save your changes.

Advanced customization options

You may want to customize the code for a specific affiliate to match their wants/needs.

To customize the code for an affiliate, navigate to Affiliates -> find affiliate -> open their profile -> scroll to the bottom of the page to the commission offer section:

Click on the edit icon to open the editing screen:

The opened popup will show you:

  • The current coupon code assigned to the affiliate

  • The option to enter the new coupon code for the affiliate -> Enter it here

  • Click Submit.

You’ll see a success message and the new coupon code shown as current.

This option is especially useful if you’re doing influencer marketing and want to customize the coupon code to the influencer’s needs, like using their name in the code, for example.

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