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Understanding the affiliate profile
Understanding the affiliate profile

Learn about all the information you can see for an affiliate in their profile in Lootly.

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You can see all the information you gather for an affiliate through the registration page, in their profile in Lootly -> Affiliates.

This guide explains how is the affiliate profile structured and all the different types of information you can see here.

Sections in the Affiliate profile

On the affiliate profile page, you’ll see several sections:

  • Orders - displays information about the orders generated from this affiliate source

  • Pending payments - shows the commission payments owed to the affiliate for qualified orders

  • Payouts - shows the sent commission payments

  • Commission Offer - shows the assigned commission offer

On the right side of the screen you’ll see an overview of the affiliate’s application information:

  • Name and email

  • Company

  • Address

  • Phone number

  • PayPal email

  • Custom fields - will show all custom fields you’ve added on your registration page and the data the affiliate enters in them.

  • Total orders

  • Total revenue

  • Average Order Value

  • Pending payment

  • Total Payouts

Actions you can take in the affiliate profile

Here, you can:

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