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How to customize the affiliate program in the widget
How to customize the affiliate program in the widget
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The affiliate program is displayed in the program widget on your site. Learn what customization options are available, what are the benefits of displaying the program in the widget, how it all works for your affiliates.

Customization options for the program in the widget

You can customize the text, font, colors and icons of the affiliate program display in the widget.

To start with customization, navigate to Display -> Widget -> Edit

  • On the screen, customize the front-end view of the program or logged-out mode: affiliates title, sub-title, button text, add the page link and choose text position (see image below)

  • Click on the Switch to Logged in mode and customize the logged in view of the widget

  • Add the affiliate registration page link in the widget - the affiliate program will be accessible from the programs widget as well. So you'll need to add your final page link here to allow the program to function from the widget. To do this, on the widget customization page for logged out view, scroll to the affiliate program section and add the link in the designated box:

  • Save your changes.

Benefits of displaying the affiliate program in the programs widget

  • Better exposure of your affiliate program to a wider audience - anyone can apply to become an affiliate

  • Easier data access and management

  • Increased engagement rate with your loyalty programs - since this is your hub for everything brand loyalty, allow your affiliates to also access the loyalty and referral program as well and further drive the repurchase rate up.

Few things to consider

  • Upon application approval, the affiliate has to create a store account to be able to access the affiliate link/coupon code and track their financials in the widget.

  • Once they create a store account, they will also be part of the loyalty and referral programs.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us in the live chat.

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